Lolita by Dioneesus


Lolita is a sensual tapestry of airy vibes, passionate lyrics, and a unique personality.

Dioneesus is a Pittsburgh-based artist, who seems to thrive in the controversy that he generates with his multidisciplinary art. With bad press that he heralds with seeming pride, he knows it only increases the buzz around his name. Dioneesus’s music and production have a lot of merit and potential, but it’s definitely not without flaws.

Lolita displays that with precision. This slow burner is a sensual love song that blends storytelling and the commanding voice of Nanita Mahesh to create a compelling narrative that pulls you in. Couple this with the minimalistic composition, using 2 lone chords, a slow, sparse beat, and intense sub-bass, and you have a lot hanging on the vocal deliveries. It pleases me to say that Mahesh’s vocals are warm and present, knowing its boundaries and its no-gos, making her parts flow smoothly. Dioneesus’s part, on the other hand, does an unfortunate climb to an unreachable note near the end that sounds off-tune, killing the mood entirely. The total lack of autotune, while bold, is not the best decision. The song is already processed and full of electronic beats, a little vocal modding would have massively helped.

If Dioneesus is targeting the buzz that negative press brings, then his vocal part does this song a great disservice. If he wants to know what we truly think, then Lolita is incredibly sensual and vibey, but with its share of missed potential.