Stalin’s Lapel By Leon Flames


Leon Flames born in South London, United Kingdom is an independent Hip-Hop/Rapper who is also a Firefighter when he is not working on his music. Leon is known for his writing skills and raw delivery, he gives us a sneak peek of his double album ‘Kings Never Give Up’ that’s set to be released in 2023 with the single ‘Stalin’s Lapel’ released on 11/11/22.

The track is a poetic piece of art with no changes in the music or song progression which makes it a sort of medium where Leon showcases his poetry and flow backed by smooth lo-fi vibe music. “The song is one long verse without any chorus, which was designed intentionally to take the listener on a journey through the mind of a serial analyzer,” said Leon. While the name of the song is a metaphor for the Russian’s uniforms not having lapels, as Leon explains “The type of rhymes, metaphors, subject matter and cadence which I use is almost unseen in today’s musical scope.”


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