There Tonight by Cody Coyote


Cody Coyote’s latest release ‘There Tonight’ champions a cause that is very sensitive to indigenous populations of women everywhere, and especially in his native Canada, and dealing with it with such an optimistic sound and with such a well-filmed clip is bold, impactful, and most of all, thoughtful.

Based in Ottawa, Cody Coyote is a multi-award nominee and winner producer and songwriter of hip hop, electronica, and pop, who has received a lot of exposure for his previous release. ‘There Tonight’ is about domestic violence against women, and the disproportionate likelihood that the recipients of this act being of indigenous populations. A tragic fact, thoughtfully treated by an artist with a continually growing platform.


The song is quite upbeat, but with a bittersweet tinge to its chords and melodies. With professional production, the sound is punchy and tight, Coyote’s consistent flow of singing enjoyable, and the lyrics witty and heartfelt. The professionally shot video, in which Coyote helps a friend escape an abusive partner, is well-written, well-acted, and well-edited, with the song cutting and resuming multiple times to serve the screenplay, creating a cohesive audiovisual experience in which sound can not go independent from video.

The results are on par with output from Cody Coyote. Thoughtful, professional, and ultimately, fun to listen to. The song on its own is perfectly cool, with capable production and a pulling groove, and coupled with the video and the concept, ‘There Tonight’ gets elevated to be a very poignant and encompassing release from Coyote.


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