Intergalactic by Tai woffinden


Tai Woffinden is an up-and-coming EDM artist, traveling all over the world, making sets and…he has several world titles to his name, as he is a professional athlete too….a speedway racer.

He played clubs in Australia and in Poland…and has events booked this year in Poland once again and Croatia too.

This is definitely one of the more unique multipotentialities I’ve ever come across…and one of the most disciplined with a winning attitude artist ever…he took a 10 weeks course at Labsix to start his DJ journey, and he finished it within 4 days…talk about commitment.

Tai’s latest single “Intergalactic” is a hard-hitting electronic track with elements from several subgenres in EDM, it’s got some house, some trace elements, and some pure electro stuff.

It really feels like a world star athlete has made this music…the music gives you a mega-push and drives you to go and train, or dance all night…the music is very energetic and the sound engineering is also on par with that greatness…the sonic experience in “Intergalactic” is complete…everything sounds great and feels great.

Tai finished 12 songs in his home studio and “Intergalactic” is the first of these 12 to be released…he’ll be releasing the remaining tracks this year.

Tai, we wish you all the best in life, in music, and on the speedway.

Can’t wait to check out your next releases.




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