LL&P by Lexa Terrestrial


Lexa Terrestrial is an amazing up-and-coming hip-hop artist/rapper, oozing charisma, and has a unique style. 

Lexa’s just released a single titled “LL&P”…it’s hard-hitting, edgy, gritty, and…..spooky. 

Lexa comes from one of the most diverse locations in the world, New York…and she is extremely unique within the whole universe of artists, she’s fast, nimble, and has a super fast, super smooth flow that will have you seeing sparks in its wake. 

You won’t catch her…. This is a race and you’ll enjoy losing it to Lexa…and it’s not just a talking race…

Lexa also infuses some guttural metal singing in some of her live performances…there’s nowhere to hide from her talent and her super charismatic persona. 

“LL&P” starts with a scary tune, a couple of seconds in and Lexa unleashes herself…like a tsunami, she floods you with her lyrics and her flash-like flow, spitting lyrics and doing circles around you. 

The song has several anthemic parts where you’ll feel like singing it from the first time you listen to it…the beat is strong, moving you…the way Lexa performs her vocals, record, and layers these vocal lines is impressive…it enriches the whole experience to a whole new level. 

To anyone who likes hip hop/rap…you’re in for a wild ride, go check it out now….and sing it out. 

Lexa, we’re wishing you all the best, you deserve it. 

Can’t wait to see what you come up with next time. 



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