Into the Night by PRATTO

Prato productions, LLC

PRATTO’s brand-new single is the perfect Miami banger. With larger-than-life production, a neat, tight rhythm, and soulful vocal deliveries, Into the Night will easily rock any dancefloor and transform any night drive into an epic cinematic experience.

PRATTO is a Miami-based artist. A producer of electronic music, this latest single of his features the heartful vocals of the talented Jordan Grace, who has worked with superstars like Martin Garrix in his ever-growing portfolio. The mix of PRATTO’s experienced vision and long years of trials in the local and regional EDM scenes with Jordan Grace’s youthful vocals and lush deliveries is a mix that propels this song forward. 

Driven and energetic, this nighttime cut is both enigmatic and accessible. With its driving rhythms and deep-hitting drums, the rich, synth-based arrangements, its fresh and appropriate choices of airy pads, and stabby bass sounds, the orchestration of Into the Night is compelling, warm, and inviting, while maintaining a prominent flair of melancholic drama, which serves to add a vivid color, and never manages to make the song sound sad in any way. On the contrary, Into the Night sounds very bright and optimistic, but in its own unique way. 

A delightful release from PRATTO, with excellent-sounding production, a high standard of quality, and a brilliant feature from Jordan Grace. Into the Night is a banger that will effortlessly survive until the summer, and hopefully even outlive it.


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