Just Keep Dancing by Son Savage


Dancing is an excellent way to unwind from the stresses of everyday life, revitalize your spirit, and feel liberated. You don’t need much to start dancing; simply get up, play a song to set the mood, and bust a groove to the beat. Son Savage’s “Just Keep Dancing” has just been released to get you in the mood to party.

Son Savage is the alter-ego of Lebanese-Dubai-based singer-songwriter Charbel Ghanime. He decided to invade the summer with his energetic vibes in “Just Keep Dancing.” Sleiman Damien, a Lebanese music producer, co-produced the song. It was just released on July 15, yet it has already topped the International Charts on Anghami—an Arabic music streaming platform—in many Arabic countries and has entered the Top 10 and Top 5 in most other countries across MENA only one day after its release.

“Just Keep Dancing” is a fusion of Pop, Funk, and Disco with electronic elements. It’s the kind of song you listen to on the radio in the morning rush hour, and it instantly transforms your mood from grumpy to euphoric. It has bouncy beats that will get you moving no matter where you are. Son Savage has dynamic, perky vocals, which gave me some Justin Timberlake vibes.

The summer’s anthemic lyricism is simple and efficient. It’s meant to be an irresistible charm. How can someone hear the chirpy vocals sing: 

“Heart to heart

To hands

To the beat, baby

C’mon baby

Don’t say a word baby and just keep


And not instantly dance all over the place?

The production is as fresh and crisp as the early morning sea breeze. It’s structured to sound as light as the movement of the beats. Lastly, the song has a music video that matches its energy. It’s colorful and spirited.

Whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re, hit the play button below and “Just Keep Dancing.”



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