Keep Moving Forward by Dana Schindel


Dana Schindel kicks off her musical career and the year with a sweet and uplifting debut single “Keep Moving Forward” released on the 13th of January.

Dana Schindel is a singer/songwriter from Vancouver, Canada who is also an actor notably known for her role in the play “Emilia” directed by 7x Jessie award-winning director Lois Anderson. Multi-talented Dana has always had a passion for songwriting that came naturally to her from a young age. “It wasn’t until I started writing my songs down in never-ending notebooks that I thought, maybe not everyone is doing this. For a while, writing them down was enough. Until it wasn’t. When my dad suddenly died, I thought about my life and if I was really living it. I thought, What if nobody ever hears my songs? What if I am the only person that ever hears them?” Said, Dana

Dana honors her dad while sharing with the world his wisdom in “Keep Moving Forward” an uplifting country song that’s inspired by the advice she received from him. “I wrote this song about a real conversation I had with my dad at a time when I was feeling really stuck in my life” “Some of the best lessons my dad ever taught me were on that phone call” Said Dana. The song begins in a soft and smooth atmosphere with Dana singing over an acoustic guitar and as the song progresses it builds up bit by bit. Until the song reaches its full soundscape in the last chorus filled with melodic guitar licks and backing vocals in the background. Dana’s storytelling ability really stands out in the song. She takes the listener on an uplifting journey through the song with her incredibly warm and charming voice. “Keep Moving Forward” is an addictive, sweet, well-produced song providing good life advice, thus making it a complete work of art.