Integrity by Akosch Warga


With every note and tone, it’s a light and gentle touch with the Integrity new track by artist Akosch Warga. Dropped on the 5th of January, prepare to go on an extremely chill and hazey journey with‘ Integrity’. Of the electronic genre, this song is a total escape into a world with no worries, only soft and beautiful energy. Imagine being free of anxiety, and just enjoying your being. This song is part of a project that the artists have initiated, a trilogy of singles that mark the importance of the events in today’s world and how we desperately need them: Autonomy, Diversity, and finally, Integrity. Akosch is a Hungarian composer and musician, somebody who definitely has the creativity and a high level of perception.

Integrity is like sifting the bad things in your life at a time. It’s a mesmerizing and soothing composition of sounds that will make your body and mind so relaxed you will melt through your chair to become one with it. With a slow pace and a chill tone, the overall sound of this song is laid-back and sensitive. It’s atmospheric and calming, it could be the best background music for a working morning or night, or just chill time. The soundscape is an electronic, magical kind of lounge. The musical arrangement is fabulous, with the sound of the waves as a sound incorporated that is excellent for inducing calmness. There is a gradual introduction of faster paced using different sounds, with its shaking and soft cymbal sound effects that spice up the mellow beat. There are also spacey sound effects that are on a loop that help you zone out into the sky. There are soft splashes of piano, very chill bass strokes and a very special piano melody all along that is just soul-touching really. The song is magical and fresh, and a gem to your zen playlists.