Pour On Me by Jay Roecker


Artist Jay Roecker released an alternative electronic pop single “Pour On Me” on the 21st of December of last year from Austin, Texas.

Jay Roecker is an artist who is deeply ingrained into the music business, collaborating with artists, managing partnerships for the Radio Disney Network, and even forming his own record distribution label Roecker Records.

Jay Roecker is an ambitious and entrepreneurial musician who does not limit himself to the business side of music, but his vision was to also write and record his own original music in different genres with various artist collaborations. Thus, we have the latest single from all one musician, “Pour On Me”.

“Pour On Me” is an emotional dance track that instantly hooks, starting with powerful vocals, melodic reverb bell synths, and deep dark bass. As soon as the drums are introduced, the groove begins to change the whole form of the music into something more bouncy and solid, which is a thoughtful creative choice in creating contrast between it and the airy sound of the synths.

“Pour On Me” has a dreamy ambiance, groovy beat, solid production, and creative symbolism in the lyrics. If Jay Roecker, with his management and business expertise, can also write music this good, I am left to wonder what this man can’t do.



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