Kill You Slowly by Nick Kandler


Nick Kandler, a Los Angeles-based artist, is not only a performer but also a producer and songwriter. Nick’s music is imbued with a tremendous degree of emotion, as is obvious in his songs. He is recognized for his passionate lyricism and melodies. His debut track, “Closure,” was released in 2020 and has had over 80,000 listens on Spotify. His signature style effectively mixes electronic components with beautiful vocals. Through his music, he inspires intense feelings that leave the audience wanting more. Nick’s most recent single, “Kill You Slowly,” is availably accessible on all major streaming platforms.

According to Kandler, the music was influenced by the song “All Your Exes” by Julia Michaels, in particular the way the song evolves from a serene pop melody into something bolder throughout the course of its play, however, he naturally transformed it into something special and unique to his own sound and style.

To start off, the track’s song lyrics are highly pertinent and captivating. The narrative of the song revolves around someone who made a small fib to another individual, which ultimately led to the demise of their relationship. 

Kandler’s vocals, which are both perfectly clear and vibrant, which is rather unique in today’s music, are wonderfully complemented by the arrangement, which is also pretty rare. The fluidity of the percussion, along with the intensity of the lyrics, gently lulls the listener into a wistful state of mind.


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