This is not the first time for us to go on a journey that’s crafted by the awesome German composer & producer Tom Aries and Canadian writer & singer Jordana Moon…we’ve tried the taste of their music and we’re hooked on it…now, they’re back with another strong single titled “Knots”…let’s see how they’re creating this adventure this time around…

With their signature electronic pop sound and feel, Moon and Aries gives us a very musical and electronic ballad that has a very strong storytelling musical approach…it’s also evident with the lyrical approach and vocal performance.

The song could easily be visualized as being used in a big Hollywood production movie…or like an ending credits song…it has a very strong storytelling charisma…

…as the artists describe it, “Knots” is “This cinematic, electronic, chill, calm pop gem will throw you a rope to save you”…it’s an emotional trip that takes you from one side of the mountain to the other, with all the emotions in the world that you experience, you’ll feel them translated musically in “Knots”.

Of course, the musicality of Moon and Aries is there…the unique and charismatic synth sounds are here…and with Jordana’s angelic and emotional vocals…they raised the bar with this one…

Also, along with their unique sounds…” Knots” has a couple of Avante-garde moments that will make your head spin and say “Huh?!”…it will catch you off guard of course…and this is one of the most interesting aspects of “Knots”…it hits you from somewhere you’re not expecting.

We’re always mesmerized with Moon and Aries’ productions and we’re always there to experience their art…we wish you both all the best in the world.

Can’t wait to see what you are preparing next for your fans…it’s going to be a blast, we’re sure.



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