In the Rain by EDIE YVONNE


The Los Angeles-based Edie Yvonne is absolutely going places. Good places. With her latest release, a single titled ‘In the Rain’, she proves herself once again as a capable songwriter who is able to bring forth stunning folk-pop, laced with writhing, sweet melodies, warm arrangements, and on this particular offering, a curious playfulness that effortlessly captures the imagination. 

At 14 years old, Edie Yvonne is as musically mature as artists double her age. On her latest release, Yvonne displays a stunning vision and control over her sound that is shown through the mystical composition, intricate song structure, ear for arranging and layering, and that’s to name a few. Being in the studio weekly to write and record new music with fresh-faced producers Nicky Swedin and Cormac Liotta might be why on ‘In the Rain’ she sounds like she’s been making songs for years. With a mature grip on the harmonic structure of the song via colorful chords, and on the arrangement, displayed via the warm-sounding acoustic, roomy bass, and layered vocals, ‘In the Rain’ might easily end up on lists for the top folk-pop offerings for the entire year, if shown the attention it so readily deserves.

Nuanced songwriting is in full swing in Edie Yvonne’s latest. Not only is the musical composition weighted and intricate, Yvonne also packs this up with introspective lyrics, comparing a bitter emotional time with a loved one as being in the rain. Poignant and imaginative on all fronts. Edie Yvonne is a discovery. An artist so charmingly capable of weaving a net of warmth and comfort with her textured songwriting. ‘In the Rain’ is a stunner that is deserving of a moment in the limelight among many far more established creators of folk-pop. Being this good at only 14, I’m excited to see where Yvonne will be at 20.