LightWork by SILENT IVY


Coming from a very closely knit community, Cape Town-based group Silent Ivy is releasing their very first single “Lightwork” off of their upcoming hip-hop debut EP ‘EBB & FLOW’…the single is an extremely bright start that had me surprised from start to end.

Silent Ivy comes from a very supportive community that really has been there from the start and along every step of the way…and apparently, everything that has affected Silent Ivy from the very beginning is a huge contributor to the charismatic presence that they’ve acquired by now…and they’re just starting out…

…but when you listen to Silent Ivy, it doesn’t feel like this is an artist just starting out, the experience is very charismatic, with a very unique sound, flow, and presence, Silent Ivy is a force to be reckoned with.

The vocal flow and performance that graces the audience is a very charismatic one, very steady, consistent, and unique, and doesn’t sound like anyone.

…also, on the other side, the music and beats are very catchy and hold extremely well with a mix of old-school brass hip-hop and some 80s keys with modern-sounding bass and beats.

Taking a very unique fusion between the old and the new, the original and the modern…fusing retro and the current hip-hop/rap elements to create a new wave of musical experience.

The music is very melodic, and so is the vocal performance…”Lightwork” hits an almost perfect bullseye from the first throw.

…and all of that emotional energy is wrapped in a 2 minutes 9 seconds song…so it’s a very concentrated dose…and every second counts and does impact the experience greatly.

…it doesn’t just end here, they will be hosting their first official show and listening party in conjunction with

The KAYA Café on the 21st of July, 2023 with opening acts JARRY PITBOI and OYAMA GUMBI.

Silent Ivy, we wish you all the best in life, we hope our paths cross many times.

We are pretty sure your star will shine bright with every passing day.



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