Little Bird by Justine Vandergrift


Justine Vandergrift’s latest single ‘Little Bird’ is a stunning folk cut with precious lyrics and a warm, sunshine-laden sound that transferred me wholly to a different, peaceful dimension, full of birds, butterflies, and running streams.

A singer/songwriter from Cochran, Canada, Justine Vandergrift crafts delightful folk and country music. Revolving around her rich and fairytale-like lyrics, and warm, boomy acoustic guitar, her delicate arrangements are lush and soothing, and Little Bird is no exception. Released in support of her upcoming album, titled Mountain Standard Time, Little Bird is too soft, too fluttery, and too pretty. The slide guitar wails in joy behind Justine’s colorful and familiar chord structures, her soulful, percussive strumming, and her wonderful lyrics. Her voice is commanding and deep, instantly grabs the attention, and effortlessly keeps it. The production, courtesy of Trevor McNeely and Jeff Kynoch, is endlessly crisp, and everything is absolutely where it belongs, with stereo panning and a mix that’s simple yet full of intricate details, such as the vocal harmonies in the background, disguised as smooth, buttery synth pads. 

Little Bird is a delicious teaser to Justine Vandergrift’s upcoming full-length album, and if the remainder of the album turns out of the same caliber of quality, with songs just as sweet and as soothing as this one, then consider me already in the waiting line.