What Can I Say by The Official 4PM


The second single of the anticipated return album of The Official 4PM shows exactly how this outfit managed to reach their state as hardened veterans of Maryland R&B by being a tight, groovy R&B number with a healthy dose of Reggae and Calypso to elevate it further above the pack.

The Official 4PM has roots that go back to the early 90s when Ray Peña and co. started an Acapella group that soon found its way to the 8th spot on Billboard’s Hot 100, among many other successes that made this group one of immense experience and proficiency in what they do. Their plan for a 2020 return album was compromised by the pandemic, and now, nearly 3 years later, the group has their album ready and is dropping singles. The second single from “A Song For Everyone” is “What Can I Say”, a sensual bit about infidelity and its subsequent regret, with sizzling reggae beats and colorful handpans that go nicely along the characterful verses from the group members, along with a deep and present sub-bass that anchors the volatile and spaced out reggae beats. 

With crisp and tight production, a rhythm section that stands out and color, and rich verses and pristine vocal deliveries, What Can I Say sounds like a precursor to a solid return from the Baltimore giants, further stoking the anticipation, and building the hype.


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