Little Black Dress by The Isle Of CC

Ellie Ramsden

Summer is for movement and fun, but sometimes we need to chill and listen to music that moves our souls rather than our bodies. The Milton Keynes music project, The Isle Of CC, is back after a long hiatus with the first studio single, the fresh and hooking “Little Black Dress,” with a cozy, jazzy vibe to loosen the tension.

The Isle Of CC is the Milton Keynes-based Serena Robb alter-ego, who has an astonishing voice that will entice you once she starts singing. Her rich vocal abilities alter between soulful and tender to powerful and booming.

“Little Black Dress” is the lead song from the EP, “Void,” and it’s a song that’s relevant to most people. In our early 20s and now maybe at a lower age, many starts to search for love, get confused about their emotions, and feel strongly attracted to someone, but somehow the very next day, you just can’t stand them. Written in a poetic style, The Isle Of CC was able to depict these contrary sensations and thoughts.

Jazz, Neo-Soul, Funk, and a Gospel hint are the mix you’ll hear and enjoy. From the dreamy intro, the instrumentation seamlessly blends to put the listener at ease. It has a vintage feel, yet it is bang up to date. The section with the backing vocals and Gospel touch wasn’t a total surprise, yet it was stellar and added more consistency. The arrangement and production make all the elements blend in harmony and make you groove delightfully with the feel of a live show.

The entire single is a sonic landscape that you’d better be wearing your headphones for full pleasure. The gifted vocalist will mesmerize you along with the appealing melody to create a dream-like fantasy that will only keep running with playing the song on repeat.


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