My Superstitions by Kelsey Blackstone


My Superstitions is such a unique blend of things. With a few glaring, high, highlights, like stars in a dark sky, it ends up with a sound that’s delightfully inviting.

The Boston-based singer/songwriter Kelsey Blackstone certainly has a knack for arranging fantastic music. With production from Gōst Pepper and the Grammy-nominated Nancy Conforti on the mastering duty, there’s nothing strange about the sound being this peppy, dynamic, and focused.

My Superstitions is, at its heart, a mix of Funk, Jazz, and Pop. Kelsey’s girly vocal delivery is present and outstanding, smooth as silk, and sweet as honey. The jangling beats and playful bass are full of a funky spazz, and a pair of sizzling,  Sax solos, with reasonable double tracking, rip through the mix like comets… dancing comets. The words are witty, talk of Kelsey wanting to start a particular new romance, but also scared from heartbreak, looking inward for her superstitions, willing guiding signs to appear in her way. Poppy delight.

Kelsey’s sound is fresh and exciting. Her songwriting is dynamic and her voice is outstanding. My Superstitions is a one-of-a-kind blend of things, done beautifully.