Long Nails by Miron


Artists can find their niche in a certain genre yet effortlessly alter their sound with another flair. In his fresh single, “Long Nails,” the French artist Miron shows us how it’s done! He takes a detour from Rock to energetic Electronic sonic pep.

The rising star’s previous releases, “Plague”, “With Your Eyes,” and “Too Deep,” were solid Rock tracks that would easily appeal to any fan of the genre. But in his latest number, “Long Nails,” Miron surprises us with a whole other style that sounds both retro and modern in a very genuine manner.

“Long Nails” offers a bombastic Electro sound meeting a vintage Dicso take, which will make you instantly ready to groove and shake off the hectic day and shake your body till you go up to cloud nine. The song is ideal to grab someone and jump off your feet together or to throw yourself a solo party and hype up.

Right from the start, bursting beats invade the air and fill it with vibrancy. Every element of the track is spirited enough to lighten up a gloomy day. The elated rhythms will take you to an 80s movie, and more specifically, to a room beaming with colors with a huge dance floor and a sparkly disco ball above it, filled with perky dancers.

The euphoric musical composition and tight production surely entice one to dig the tune; however, what really brings it to life is the sultry, charismatic vocals with the fervent delivery. You can clearly notice the ability to juggle genres and vocal range!

Miron is an emerging star who has genuine artistry and the ability to offer versatile musicality that would seamlessly appeal to and connect with the listener, and his varied discography can prove that.


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