Met a Man by Sam Stokes


In a world that doesn’t stop getting harder and crueller, one of the things that still amazes me is how humans can feel empathy towards each other and care about others pain as if it were their own. Sam Stokes is an impressive artist and soul; she conveys this compassion sense in her latest single, “Met a Man.”

Sam Stokes is a sensational artist who took what I love most about music and upgraded it to a more heartfelt level in her single, “Met a Man.” The thing I mean is capturing a certain feeling, moment in life, or personal experience and expressing it through music. What Sam did here is more touching; she portrayed someone else’s struggles—which could be us in a way—and it’s shown how she loves this person and admires their strength and ability to love despite the hardships.

I could go on and on about how much I like the theme and Sam’s pure heart, and how each element sounds ethereal and poignant due to the raw connection she builds. But I won’t because you’ll feel it yourself when you hear the song, and I need to give the rest of the components their credit. The lyrical content addresses the topic in a smooth, heartwarming storytelling. Sam’s dulcet vocal line is what forms a raw bond with one’s core; her melodic tone and authentic timbre feel like a fresh shower after a long, hot day outside and a home meal after being away from home for a while combined. Her vocals match perfectly with the acoustic folk dreamy sound, and they offer together a serene vibe that makes the bittersweet theme graceful.

“Met a Man” is the first single from Stokes’ debut album “Common Ground,” which will be out in October 2023. I can’t wait to listen to it and see what deep, intimate emotions and soul-stirring musicality it carries.

You would possibly know “someone you love deeply who has fallen from grace.” Send them this song and tell them that you’re here for them.


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