Loser Anatomy by Stefan Dando

Frida Fang

Stefan Dando’s latest single might be cursed. Proceed at your own risk.

If I were you, I’d jump right in. Curse or not, This song is absolutely sweet. Stefan Dando is from Enfield, London. And Loser Anatomy is his latest single.

Musically, Loser Anatomy is Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams’ long lost cousin. His sensibility in turning those few chords and melodies into a perfectly catchy and compelling gem of Pop goodness is seriously admirable. Based on a similar 2-chord loop that’s strikingly similar in sound to that of Dreams, this song sounds familiar and easy, albeit the melodies, mix, and arrangements succeed in making this delightful little twinkie a precious thing of its own. 

Stefan says this song is cursed. Its inception was spurred by a rejection by someone Stefan was very close to, and there was rejection at every corner from this point on. Stefan claims he faced rejection at this song’s recording and mastering, when he went to get its artwork done, and when he announced it. He managed to evade rejection at its launch, so he fell very ill instead. Gold. 

The words in this song are heartfelt and very poetic by being exceptionally easy to roll off the tongue, like things people would actually say in day-to-day conversations, not high-brow, and not dumb, jump wits, character, soul, and rejection. The music has a sublime mix. Every element is snappy and quick to stick to the ear. Simple, delightful, and approachable. Pop as it should always be.

Loser Anatomy is a very fun song, beautiful too, with a healthy dash of wit and humor, it doesn’t take itself seriously. Stefan also seems like a pretty chill guy, taking all this obvious hurt and turning it into such a light-hearted piece of music, something only a genuinely nice person would do. I’d take him for a cup of coffee if he wasn’t a continent away. The least we could do for Stefan is not reject his beautiful song.