Take Control by Phomea

Federico Perticone

A song from an Italian artist that asks grand questions, and reaches even more grand answers, through a dazzling marriage of Folk and Electronica.

 Meet Fabio Pocci, a Tuscan artist with a stark philosophical edge to his songwriting, arranging, and lyricism. In Take Control Pocci asks about what ultimately makes a Human. A part of his latest full-length album, titled Me and My Army, Take Control is a quirky, special song, with a sound that’s distinctively different from most things we hear. The intimacy of the warm, organic-sounding guitar in the introduction, along with Phomea’s charismatic, understated delivery, is consistently shaken by the glitching, stuttering electronics, sounding like an invasive static wave on an otherwise serene transmission. The resulting effect is uncomfortable and challenging, just like the questions asked, with pending answers. The songwriting is strong, and the progressions and melodies are dramatic and perfectly fitting to the lyrical themes.

 The conclusions Phomea reaches are equally reassuring and haunting, as he realizes in the end that what defines us all as humans is that we’re all wrong, in different ways. He also muses on how we ultimately lean towards conformity with external pressures, reject being different, and shun those who embrace their difference. A brilliant lyrical part of an incredibly interesting album lyrically.

 Phomea’s take control is an intentionally demanding to listen that contemplates intriguing questions and reaches sufficient answers. It is musically compelling, well thought out, and well executed. Take Control should be on anybody’s Alternative Folk radar.