Album: Bloodsky by Hangtime


From the United States, Socorro a group called Hangtime released their latest dark wave album Bloodsky on 31/10/22.

The album is purely experimental with no boundaries blending psychedelic, Edm, Nu metal, and ambient. The album starts with “Insert a coin” an ambient song with a hint of an arcade-like sound the correlating relation between the title and the track immediately puts the listener in a state of mind of exploring and excitement like a kid who is about to try an arcade game for the first time.

Followed by “Someone else” which is an out-of-your-body experience sprinkled with an industrial vibe the sound design in this track really gives the listener a third-person experience from the rotating synth and the distant vocals. ”Planet party” immediately gives a Linkin park vibe with industrial elements making it an interesting mix of nostalgia and originality and is the first hint of Nu metal in the album that’s present in tracks like “the wolf”, “Unholye”, “My story”, and “Bird Box”. While “peter” is a psychedelic Edm that can be best described as a peter pan acid trip, tracks such as “My story” and “Börek” are synth-wave-based songs.

The closing track of the album is “Milky Ways” an ambient synth track starting with a reverse effect building slowly over time with various instruments added, reaching its full image near the end of the track with beautiful Rhodes melodies, industrial beat, and melodic vocals. The album is a whole journey that takes the listener from one place to another. There are a lot of hidden gems in between that cannot be discovered from one listen but can definitely grab the listener’s attention. To fully comprehend the creativity of the album it’s advised to listen to it more than once.


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