Love of Money by JASMINE IS


JASMINE IS released her 2nd single from her upcoming debut album: “HEAR.” The artist released her debut single: “Miss You When I’m Sleeping,” earlier this year as a teaser for her fans, followed by “Love of Money,” a pop song with electro elements and a dance vibe.

The song is cheerful, light mood, upbeat, and could easily fall under the “summer fun” category, yet it delivers a necessary message: ‘Money doesn’t buy happiness.’ Cliché? I know, but what’s different this time; is that it comes from experience, a personal encounter with someone Jasmine knew who was trying to fill an inner void by spending too much. It’s remarkable how real artists truly do find inspiration everywhere around them, even through observing someone else’s story and writing a song about it.

The British-based artist is releasing her debut album this May, produced by Philip Larsen, who worked remotely with Jasmine during the pandemic. We’re looking forward to this album since she describes it: “The songs on this album are like rooms in your house,” says JASMINE IS, “Some invite relaxation and reflection, others a pounding lap on the treadmill.”



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