M’akoma mu toffee by XY BIRD


London-based musical duo XY Bird released their 4th single “M’akoma Mu Toffee” on the first day of September…and it’s a song that we needed for a long time…an absolute soul-lifting experience.

xybird is the brainchild of Daisy, the singer, and Andrew, the composer and guitarist.

“M’akoma Mu Toffee” is dreamy, airy, peaceful, full of love, bright, colorful…just plain mesmerizing…

…and on top of all of this, it released an amazing music video…it’s the exact representation of all of the amazing emotions we just described…it’s perfection.

“M’akoma Mu Toffee” has almost all of its lyrics in English…except the title…which is actually spoken in Twi, a Ghanaian language and it means sweetheart, but the literal translation, which what very interesting to know, is ‘the sweetness/toffee inside my heart’…who wouldn’t love to be described as that?

The song has strong afro beats, mixed with folk guitars, amazing vocals, and stunning and super melodic backing vocals that feel to be fitting perfectly…the song comes to life and brings us closer to life.

The emotional delivery of the vocals going hand in hand with the musical production that feels folky and raw…is such a brilliant direction.

…with the steady kick beat along with the amazing Afro beats and percussions…there’s movement in the song that is almost nowhere to be found anywhere else.

“M’akoma Mu Toffee” is a must-listen, a highly recommended song that will surely make you feel so much better instantly. 

I would recommend checking it out first on YouTube so you also check out the music video, which will elevate the experience…and it will stick with you on each subsequent listen of the song, even when you’re not watching the video.

We wish XY Bird all the best and we can’t wait for the next life-elevating song experience that they’ll release…we’re that excited.



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