There’s No Way by ALEXIA VEGAS


New York-based Alexia Vegas will be releasing her latest upcoming single on the 1st of October…”There’s No Way” is a pop hit in the making…get ready for a very melodic pop experience that sits perfectly on a huge stage and also on the big screen…

Alexia chose a very tough topic to discuss with her latest single and that is being honest with yourself, especially in a relationship that was over…and to talk to yourself and see if you’re at fault.

No one likes to go there, but Alexia took us there…with amazing music production and vocals that cut through the listeners’ souls…there’s no way we’re looking away here, “There No Way” is a hit on the musical and lyrical levels.

The song is dark, but full of beats…with both meanings of being filled with beats and beautiful too…that’s a new word for you!

At 23 years old…Alexia is on another level of talent and wisdom…to tackle such a topic, that’s not an easy feat…and be honest about it…and that honesty and heartfelt emotions come through her voice so clearly, you can feel its presence.

Alexia’s songs got featured on TV and streaming services such as Apple TV, Netflix, and CBS.

You’ll hear it in “The Morning Show”, “Dynasty”, and “Young Rock”…and her songs have been the soundtrack of countless national TV commercials…so Alexia is not just winning on the commercial level, but also on the artistic one. Such a difficult balance to maintain, but she’s doing it…and making it feel easy and accessible.

If you like your pop songs with a deeper meaning, then “There’s No Way” is a must for you, an achievement on many levels and it will touch any person in the world, no matter where they are. This is as close to a complete pop experience as it will get.

Wishing all the best to Alexia, we can’t wait to hear more from you.

Save the date for the release of Alexia’s upcoming single “There’s No Way” coming out on the 1st of October.



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