Château by REIS


25-year-old French, Versaillian artist Reis, with her angelic voice, came up with a new style, a style that she pioneered and sits on its artistic peak…royal pop.

Her latest single “Château” further establishes that unique style.

Reis’ royal pop has more than one side to it, it’s not only the audio that makes it come to life, actually, Reis also plays a character who evolves in the world of female royalty, with baroque style dresses, accessories, and wigs from the royal period…and that is how you create a new world…you create the sound and the visuals to it.

Reis is signed to the Hit Tone Records label…and with more than 6k followers on Instagram and Facebook together, she’s been featured on major radio stations including NRJ and Radio Shalom…

Reis’ latest single “Château” is a very colorful pop hit that captures the audiences’ souls right from the very beginning with the baroque style intro along with the harp pizzicato strings and a very ear-catching instrument that sounds like a music box, the one that has a ballerina dancing.

“Château” combines that baroque style of instruments and musical progression along with modern pop staples that include a thumping kick, claps, synths, and some amazing soundscapes…and of course a very tight, catchy, and melodic bass line.

Reis manages to capture any audience type with her angelic and smooth vocals, her catchy and hybrid music, and the energy her song has…”Château” is upbeat, energetic, and very, very melodic…it will have you sing along in no time…or if you’re like me, it will have you humming along because I don’t speak french!

We wish Reis all the best in her life, she deserves the best.

Can’t wait to experience her upcoming songs…it’s going to be awesome.



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