Trainwreck by Zenodro


It’s all about the flow…

It’s old school, with a new flavor…

It’s all about the hard-hitting lyrics…

It’s all about the attention to details in every aspect…

This is why Zenodro’s latest track “Trainwreck” is a hit, on its way to being an explosive show of power, wherever, whenever it’s played.

Nelson Alejandro Ordoñez aka Zenodro is a rapper and songwriter, born and raised in New Jersey, New York.

He’s doing his own thing…being unique.

His music is a melting pot of the many different backgrounds he has and life experiences that he’s been through.

Zenodro’s music can’t be simply put under one umbrella…he’s rooted in several genres…

Listening to Zenodro’s music you’ll experience hip-hop, rock, latin musical influences…especially cumbia, which touches upon his Colombian roots…

Lyrically, Zenodro is hard-hitting, deep and unrelenting.

His inspirations can be related to Eminem, Kanye, Kendrick, Kid Cudi….and the beatles.

He is not pinpointed one different style or mood…he’ll do jazz, rap, hip-hop and rock…

Zenodro is a very versatile artist that can go from one genre to another in a heartbeat.

His latest song “Trainwreck” is his second release this year and his fourth in his career.

Zenodro has been making one hit after another…and yes, it is understandable, he has a lot of experience to share with the world, and he has something to say, something to add.

Zenodro’s “Trainwreck” is a very unique phonk-produced rap/trap/hip-hop fusion of a song that aims to hit everyone in its scope, the flow is strong with this one, and the beat complements the flow perfectly…the song is only 2:46 seconds long, which is actually a very smart decision that Zenodro had to make…

…so by having the song at that length, I’m betting everyone will keep it on repeat for some time.

Zenodro’s “Trainwreck” has high quality production elements…

His flow is top-notch…

Having a phonk style production is absolutely awesome and hits on so many levels, and definitely showcases Zenodro’s talent and frames it in a new light and a new height.

Zenodro, we wish you all the best in the world and we want you to know that we will be on the lookout for your new releases.


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