Maybe by Jon Sandman


Jon Sandman is back with his 2nd single release from his upcoming EP ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’. It’s a solo project where he essentially writes his songs on guitar and piano as well as the vocals yet introduces acoustic and electronic beats and orchestral sound effects. A healthy mix between the house, electronic beats, and the organic, traditional way of actual instrumentation. He was able to reconstruct and revive the song after his early demo was lost due to a hard drive failure.

The song is very different from his first single ‘Dear Friends’ in this EP, a loud, alt-rock track with a strong sound. While ‘Maybe’ has a special ambiance, a light feeling like the spring breeze taking you on a trip to the suburbs with lots of greenery and serenity. It starts with a simple vocal line, a melody on a piano with very few sound effects and synths that builds up gradually by adding more instruments, layers, and sound effects, transforming the track into a different mood yet keeping its identity. The context of the song is about letting go and releasing our emotional baggage and tension To leave some space for our inner voice, passion, and instincts to take over through our journey with love. The artist’s style is mainly influenced by Sufjan Stevens, Beirut, Grizzly Bear, and others, while more recently he’s been inspired by Big Black Delta, Joywave, Metronomy and Miami Horror inspire the electronic side of his music. ‘Maybe’ was released in another edit ‘Cassette Mix’ which is faster in tempo resulting in a change in the drumline giving it another flavor and a more uplifting feeling. Jon is also a member of the alt-rock band “Pylon Heights” and the folk-rock duo ‘Jon & Abbie’. He is aiming to release his back catalog with over 60 songs starting with the upcoming EP.