Sarah Hickey unveils angelic new single ‘Slow Burner’


Tagged as a rising star for the ethereal and confessional atmospheres she creates with her music, Sarah Hickey’s recent singles have all seen success with fans and tastemakers. Building a name for herself with both intimate performances of her original music and as a sought-after backing vocalist for fellow musicians, the Cork-based artist is looking ahead to her forthcoming debut album.

Her latest single to tease the project is ‘Slow Burner’, a brooding track that introduces audiences to a new side of Sarah’s sound. Reverberant drums and beautifully designed airy synths are present as we’ve seen before, but introducing a dark lead guitar line adds a slightly grittier element to the music. Vocally, Sarah creates an angelic soundscape, with subtle harmonies backing up a lead line that will make listeners feel like they are floating through the music. 

On the lyrical themes she weaves into the music, Sarah adds, “Slow Burner is about leaning into your strengths and trying to avoid comparing yourself to others”

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