Message of Hope from Other Planets by The Loopstationist


I find it intriguing how an artist’s chosen stage name can throw you off from his actual music. As mentioned by the artist Giulio De Marco who goes by “The Loopstationist”: With a name like The Loopstationist, I was expecting… something trancey and repetitive, dance-fueled and electronic-based.” Yet, to our surprise, once you press play, you will be flooded with dreamy tunes and delicate music that will carry you into an alternate world.

 Giulio De Marco is initially a skilled software engineer with a passion for information technology, yet “The Loopstationist” was born out of the artist’s passion for music which started at a young age, given how he was raised with his sister, who was a talented pianist, he learned to play multiple instruments. He combined both passions and talents and released his first series of three instrumental tracks earlier this year, produced by a Digital Audio Workstation. Starting with “Into the Storm”, “Bittersweet Dreams”, and recently “Message of Hope from Other Planets.”

The song starts with a soft piano melody sustained by an arpeggiated bass line, that sets you in a relaxed, romantic mood from the first few seconds. With the overall aesthetic of the music and choice of the song title, you have no choice but to feel the hope and listen to the ongoing conversation between the different melodic motifs. After only one month of its release, the song reached over 2.5K streams on Spotify. This is not one you wanna miss out on!