When You’re Gona by Alleya


Alleya’s reflections on toxicity are on full stroke in her newest single. Lyrically and musically, When You’re Gone is a display of arranging and songwriting that carries as much responsibility to deliver the message as the lyrics themselves. 

The London-based Alleya is a singer-songwriter, and on her latest single, she embraces a sound of intense synth wave that’s dense and borderline abrasive, and ginger the topic of the song, this abrasion seems to be every bit intense. When You’re Gone features a chord structure that’s melancholic and desolate at heart, but when excessively adorned with leagues of slurring and rattling layers of synth waves, the melancholy and dissonance seem to transform into anger and a feeling of helplessness that lingers, with a hint of despair. Alleya’s vocal performance is straightforward and on their own, I bet they can contribute to a dazzling acoustic or piano-only arrangement, but since When You’re Gone is neither of those things, then I’m pleased to announce that Alleya’s charming and accessible vocal delivery creates a contrast that proficiently controls the chaotic musical backdrop, providing much-needed balance.

Alleya’s latest single, When You’re Gone, is an enjoyable piece of noise pop. Created with obvious and delicate pop sensibilities that were then soaked with a plethora of harsh synths, When You’re Gonna is an unquestionable risky formula that Alleya’s restrained vocals absolutely corrected, resulting in a cathartic display that pits the listeners directly against their innermost demons.



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