Midnight in Madrid by Al Mur

Oil on canvas painting by Elena Pak

Just in time for the weekend, “Midnight in Madrid,” a new soothing tune composed and produced by Al Mur, an electronic music composer and producer based in North Carolina, is now available on Spotify. According to him, the track is influenced by the nightlife of Madrid.

“Midnight in Madrid” was recorded and produced at Al Mur’s home studio, displaying the artist’s sleek production and melodic brilliance. The song exhibits strong romantic tones and atmospheric melodies.

A dreamy, romantic ambience is created by the synthesized music and calming orchestration. A drunken saxophone solo is transformed into a full-fledged quartet throughout the course of the song by the use of subtle percussion and progressive synthesizers. I was immediately brought back to Sade’s classic 90s hit “No Ordinary Love” when I heard the manner in which the saxophone plays with the pleasant tempo of the arrangement. It gives the tune a distinct Yacht-Rock and R&B flavor. “Midnight in Madrid” is the song that most exemplifies Al Mur’s ability to create tunes that completely encapsulate the listener.