Simple by Cielo Pordomingo –


Haunting and devastatingly gorgeous are two (ok three) words that came to mind with so much ease while listening to this single from Cielo Pordomingo.

A singer/songwriter from Santa Rosa, Argentina, Cielo Pordomingo’s Simple is the 6th of 9 singles that she released in support of her 4th studio album titled ‘BLINKERLAND’. Sung in gorgeous Spanish, Simple is an ethereal and hypnotic dream pop tune that will take you somewhere vast, and empty, with waves of light hitting your face, sounding mystical and scintillating. Simple is about the little things we do to save a relationship when it starts to feel like a repeating cycle, and for anybody who doesn’t know Spanish, the sounds are tantalizing and delicate. 

The music is airy and is dominated by floating and bouncing synth notes, and delightful marimba hits. The melodies are ambiguous and melancholic but with a distinct bittersweet edge. The rhythm starts reserved to seemingly haphazard hits of sampled percussive hits, with a minimal percussive beat being introduced in the later half, further amplifying the floating and free-form feel of the piece. Cielo’s singing is sweet and her voice is strong and present while retaining a touching softness that’s in tune with the song’s topic. 

Simple is quite simply wonderful. An immediate hit for lovers of dream pop and ambient music across their wide spectrums. Cielo Pordomingo is a talented songstress whose touch and feel are immaculate and give this single, among all her other singles, a clear, distinctive uniqueness. Smitten by the sound and vibe of this piece of art, Cielo Pordomingo has totally received a new fan.


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