Nadie como tu by Mike Coner


Mike Coner is a Latin Pop singer based in Colombia. At the beginning of the year, he dropped his infectious tune, “Nadie como tu,” and here we are, almost wrapping off 2022, and it’s still resonating with its catchy grooves and affection vibe.

His Urban Latin sound and dulcet vocal line are reminiscent of a younger Justin Bieber. His single “Nadie como tu” features scintillating vocals, bouncy beats, and poetic lyrics.

Right from the colorful intro, you get the feel of the sublime discography. The snappy cadence is structured to make you dance along with the pulsing arrangement and sway with the sweet harmony of the vocals.

Mike’s vocals are as vivid as the beats. He offers the lyrics’ sensations and the tune’s ardency. With his pop, rap-ish smooth delivery, he entices listeners to immerse themselves in the vibe and get hyped up. 

Whether you understand Spanish or not, you can tell for sure by the softly rhymed lyrics and sensational vocal delivery that this is a saucy love song. To paint the entire picture, the single’s music video will help you to jump into the scene. It’s the typical kind of video for love anthems, but it complements the set and fits the mood.

The ambitious artist has collaborated with the Canadian music label, You Are Not Alone Records, to produce this dope piece that fits into your dancing playlist. And to not keep you waiting, there are other emotive and peppy releases, such as, “Ya no,” “Forever Alone,” and “Quédate,” which demonstrate a deeper aspect and richer musicianship of this young singer.


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