Pearls by Roxercat

Desmond Arias

Lead singer Price Jones, guitarist Stan Lassiter, and bassist Bill Francis; all joined forces to create the one-of-a-kind Nashville rock band, Roxercat. Each band member comes from long years of experience, strong musical background, and a passion like no other.

The band just released their debut single as part of their upcoming 6-track EP composed and arranged by Price Jones who co-produced it along with Grammy award-winning engineer and producer Clarke Schleicher. It was recorded at Sound Emporium Studios with overdubs at Cat Tracks Studio. This is not the band’s first encounter as they previously worked together on a rock opera “The Fortunate Few” composed by Price Jones back in 1997.

“Pearls” is a simple, chill rock ballad with lush melodies, magnetic electric guitar riffs, and a remarkable solo that will draw you in completely leaving you high on its tunes. It’s about the relationships and people that we cross paths with and that no matter what happens, we should always wish them well and move forward. It’s about surrounding yourself with the right people who resonate with you.

The song release is accompanied by a music video release featuring all three musicians performing together out in nature reflecting the peaceful message they are trying to send through their music. Check it out and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.


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