Carry On by Nicki Wells


Preparing for her debut record that’ll drop in early 2023, the British singer/songwriter Nicki Wells dropped her second single off her debut record “Carry On” on the 14th of October, 2022. “Carry On” is a soothing tune that was written amidst the lockdown “as a process of self-reassurance” as Nicki describes it. So, let’s see how it goes,

“Carry On” is a soft mellow ballad with escalating spiritual melodies and soothing warm vocals that controls its dynamics and cleverly steers its structure. Nicki Wells’ vocal melodies and the way she delivered them are pretty impressive! She created her very own sound signature as she freely transitions between high and low sections smoothly and seamlessly backed by emotional heart-hitting orchestrations, subtle keys, and filled-with-anticipation percussions, all in an escalating structure with bitter-sweet dark vibes and open sound.

“Carry On” is a classic singer/songwriter tune with heart-hitting dark melodies and beautiful fluid vocals, Nicki Wells managed to deliver an amazing performance that made the music shine and helped it deliver the perfect mood. Looking forward to Nicki Wells’ debut and will definitely be keeping an eye on her, cheers!