Roll Over by Avi Kytes


We could easily hear the Catalan strain in this debut single from Avi Kytes, with its mature fusion of dream pop, soul, RnB, and tasty production details, altogether making for one of the year’s absolute best debuts.

London based, Avi Kytes is the brainchild of singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Alex Rigueiro, originally from Barcelona. At its core, ‘Roll Over’ is a sensual love story, a theme that’s richly explored instrumentally, but also, ‘Roll Over’ is a song that revolves around the uneasiness and fear that lives at the earlier stages of relationships. The words are sweet and alluring, Rigueiro’s effortless deliveries making them even more so. The song’s simplistic composition is a continuation of a theme of minimalistic sensuality that goes throughout the song. The surface is calm and composed, but the heart of the song is on fire.

The song’s passion comes through the choice of percussion sounds, the snaky, writhing sub bass, and the chorused, hot rhythm guitars that play restrained lines, but with their distinctive tone, the effect is immediate and fulfilling. But immediacy doesn’t get more so than with the scorching brass arrangement that hits in the sensational post-chorus. Surprising, at once gut-wrenching and elating, and a quite colorful addition that acts as that one final element that elevates the song from great to utterly sublime.

Roll Over is the beginning of a series of singles that will dot 2023 from Avi Kytes, in support of his upcoming EP ‘Sour Kisses’, and we are already hooked. More singles of the same quality and richness, and we might have one of the year’s best EPs. We are already breaking records with one of the year’s best debuts… why stop there?