Navy Blue by Alleya


The tornado of lost emotions emerges every time you remember that person, who in a single morning became the stranger you would never know again. Separation in thoughts and feelings was re-organized in Alleya’s debut single “Navy Blue“. 

The track at first glance represents feeling blue following an end of a bright good time whether a happy vacation from work, a good friendship, or a romantic relationship.

Hailing from a small town in Latvia, but based in London popstar Alleya releases her debut single “Navy Blue”.

The track is lit and a bit heavy given the fact that it’s a pop track, using snare drums and heavy bass lines gave “Navy Blue” an epic vibe with the vocal suffering signature of Alleya’s made it sound even more epic as if she was singing about a soldier who is trying to catch breaths after a fierce fight.

The lyrics are expressive, realistically uttered, clear-toned, and touching the state you’re in whenever a relationship collapsed, almost all of the planet has been there, Alleya’s angry tone was adequately delivered as if she was writing a straightforward letter to her EX while waiting for no response.

“Navy Blue” is using the sharp edgy tone of instruments expressing how sharp the vibe is within the track, and the vocal key is also aligned with the angry, epic vibe.

As epic as the echoes were applied to the vocal lines, too much of it was applied which sounded of less quality at some points through. 

A remarkable debut from Alleya makes us very passionate about future releases. 

Are you as excited as we are?



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