Singatune by RNA

Hrag Yessaian (Mason Production)

Personal experience is the secret behind hearing the latest release of “Singatune” by American musician and producer Aren Akian, or RNA. To take us on a journey of deep sleep.

Quitting its job in the middle of a pandemic, RNA finds itself in front of its machines, blending deep and explosive ‘Singatune’ tones into the realm of dreams and comfort, with a special sense of exhilaration and electrical activity.

Created with thick clouds of synth-wave and cyberpunk intertwined with powerful electronic guitar lines and epic guitars preceded by distorted instrumental sounds, this blend creates a hypnotic ambiance that immerses us in the experience, enthralls us inside, and won’t let us sleep until we fall asleep.

The construction of the musical “Singatune” reflects great professionalism, the tone that began to attract and prepare you for the world of dreams before it slows down, then the beats begin to work and take us towards the rhythm and the journey of the track, which fluctuates between high and low and the interweaving of musical elements in light of the strong appearance of the synth-wave waves and we are surprised by the waves The distorted guitar that ends this electronic journey.

An amazing journey organized by RNA for us as usual, but this time through its solo track “Singatune”, to provide us with a distinctive sound that makes us feel energetic and fills our ears with its tones and fills our heads with its invigorating music, and we turn into addicts that we cannot get rid of.