Nervous by MARQelectronica

Paul Murray

And instant hook, you are warned. Marq Eleyronica based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, is going to release a sensational and intense taste of dance music in a track called ‘Nervous’, a storyline that will sweep your ears and heart into an ultimate mood of open and emotional expression of the body and the mind. Marq already established a great 200K streams on Spotify in such a short time since he started his musical career during the Covid lockdown. We’re so used to the monotone, repetitive dance music of today that seems to be made with little effort, something Marq is defying with his amazing ear and skill set. 

An after-midnight treat to the soul, it’s best to imagine a scene with warm neon lights in a small, dark club in a big city, with nothing but the fire between you and your lover. Nervous is a flavorful sonic collage of robotic and melodic, and a hint of orchestral sounds that is the usual from Marq. It talks about the feelings you get when you’re intrigued and also feeling anxious about your lover. The overall sound of the song is sensual, chill, and drenched in passion. The soundscape is a slow dance track that has a wide range of elements that give lots of life to the track and an undeniably unique set of genres considering that it is an electronica genre. The musical arrangement is rich, dynamic, and well-rounded really. You’ve got a light acoustic guitar making up much of the beautiful and very luscious melody, with subtle drums that move the beat, and a striking, moving violin that surprises you in the track that gives the song a push of sophistication, drama, and flair. There are also robotic, scratchy sound effects that sound funny against the smooth and sexy vibe of the song, and some shaking sound effects. The vocals are really passionate and out there, just effortless emotion. This song is one for the replay button.


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