Porchlight by Chris Caulfield


Chris Caulfield, a talented solo artist hailing from Toronto, Canada, is set to start the year off with a bang by releasing his latest single “Porchlight” on March 3rd. As an artist, Chris has garnered over 500k streams and 7k monthly listeners on Spotify.

Chris has been developing his craft since his teenage years by joining various bands in his hometown, giving him the experience and confidence to launch his solo project in 2021. What sets Chris apart from other artists is his introspective lyrics and his ability to blend various rock subgenres with pop and hip-hop, creating a sound that is distinctively his own.

“Porchlight” is a catchy alternative pop-rock song that features a blend of hip-hop influences. According to Chris, the song is about finding your way back to someone, even after drifting apart or facing tough times. The track features a melodic guitar riff, a groovy and dynamic drum line, and ambient instruments and backing vocals that add depth to the song’s overall atmosphere.

Chris’s expressive voice is showcased throughout the song, as he seamlessly transitions from a warm and low tone in the verses to a high and energetic tone in the choruses. The result is a dynamic and emotionally-charged track that is sure to captivate listeners.

“Porchlight” is a must-listen for fans of alternative pop, rock, and hip-hop. With its unique blend of genres and heartfelt lyrics, it is a testament to Chris’s talent.



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