No Alternative by Faron Sage


UK musical explorer Faron Sage is always on the forefront of sonic exploration, exploring uncharted musical territories and tackling insightful topics…his single “No Alternative” could be the peak of his musical charisma…

“No Alternative” knows no musical bounds…it’s a truly genre bending sonic experience that breaks all the norm with its catchy-music-genre fusion of jazz, pink, electro swing and rap, all masterfully wrapped in an exciting melodic blueprint that tackles the subject of the establishments blind faith in the system or as the artist describes it himself…

“challenges the widely-held belief that our modern societies represent the only viable way of organizing humankind. In fact, many interesting alternatives have been devised that could provide a far more sustainable and prosperous future for us”

With that, we know that we’re in for a unique musical experience, something that could even transcend the simple concept of a song, something that is thought provoking, making people look and think about life.

“No Alternative” drops with a fantastic animated cartoon music video that goes hand in hand with the insightful lyrics and also with the movement of the music…

The vocal performance is focusing on a unique authoritarian rap direction, while the music doesn’t take one single form…it moves freely-without limitations-from one genre to the other, from the beats of the electro swing realm to the jazz infused electric piano chords…a truly one of a kind genre-hopping musical adventure.

The production values for both the song and the music video are of peak qualities…absolutely and stunningly engaging from the first second till the last.

Faron’s unique musical direction and attention to details are a thing that should not be missed at any cost.

“No Alternative” is a highly recommended musical and lyrical experience…actually, stop reading and go check it out…like, right now.

Wishing all the best to the brilliant artist and can’t wait to experience what he’s cooking up next…but we’re sure it’s going to be something excellent.



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