No lover lover by Jen Ash


Former pro basketball player Lebanon-born, France-raised singer/songwriter Jen Ash topped the UK iTunes R&B charts with her previous single Crush on You. She released her latest single, ‘No Lover Lover,’ on 11/11/22. It’s considered a personal and emotional track as Jen opens her heart to her fans, making it a raw and more relatable song.

The song starts out with a soothing guitar line then Jen comes in with her expressive and melodic voice accompanied by a simple beat talking about a toxic relationship she just got out of “I’ve experienced a very toxic relationship, and I did not realize it,” said Jen. Jen begins the song by saying “Never thought I’d be good without you” setting up the theme of growth and empowerment. It’s an encouraging song to move on and get better that can be seen in lines like “I figured it out on my own, how to be better and grow.” The chorus is a catchy sing-along with the words “No Lover Lover, Time to recover” emphasizing that it is time to move on and recover. 


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