Sugar Stained by Geena Gangi


With a passion for music and script writing, Geena Gangi recently released her latest single entitled “Sugar Stained” on 11/11/22. Geena is a singer, songwriter, screenwriter, actor, and producer from Boston, Massachusetts, United States, graduated from Media Arts production at Emerson College. The song has a bittersweet quality to it because she talks about her heartbreaking experience with a good-to-be-true relationship while he cheated behind her back in a satirical way.

The song starts with an arpeggio setting the atmosphere for Geena with her angelic voice, to begin with, light lyrics such as “Love tasted like cherries” and “The kind you want your mom to meet” set the mood of the song. While sprinkling the lyrics with dark comedy words such as “Thought it was crazy, just how well we fit, But I guess maybe, all three of us did”. Geena sings in a sad tone but the light poetic lyrics and music filled with amusing FX take the song from being a sad ballad to a cheerful atmosphere


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