Sunrise by CHARLIE02A


Sunrise is one of nature’s marvelous art scenes. It’s warm, poetic, and mesmerizing. The same goes for the artist and producer Charlie02a’s latest single, “sunrise.”

Born and raised in Memphis, the creative and multi-talented Charlie020 has got a lot up his sleeves. He’s an artist, producer, director, photographer, and digital specialist. All these gifts and he’s only 19 years old.

“Sunrise” is the fruit of a collaboration with Duke Smith and Jayvoe. It has a sugary, amiable lyricism that charms any sentimental person, making them picture the perfect scene with their crush, as they’re standing outside the car, and the lines from the first verse come true: 

“I’ll meet you in the sunrise

And you’ll be mine ‘fore the sun goes down.”

What helps to fantasize about that scene is the artwork and the appealing, warm vocals. The rapping sounds raspy and passionate, and it harmonizes well with the soothing singing. The melody and beats are somewhere between emotional and uplifting, and that’s what makes the single sound catchy and engaging.

It’s a good-vibes-only song, and the musicianship of the three artists coming together resulted in a delightful, unique hit, just in time for the summer when the spark of love gets ignited.

Charlie020 is an artist to keep an eye on, and luckily, he’s active on social media platforms, so all you’ve got to do is stay tuned for more outstanding music.


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