On Starry Nights by Anton Commissaris


Another remarkable single dropped last month by Anton Commissaris. In just one month, his latest release: “On Starry Nights” reached over 11K streams on Spotify, and the music video got over 6K views on YouTube.

The talented and artistic artist never ceases to sweep us off our feet with his jazzy ambiance, unique tunes, and feel-good songs. Anton’s passion for music is an unstoppable force, he released five EPs in less than two years; mainly focused on jazz while exploring other elements in different genres like rock, Soul, R&B, and others.

As always, Commissaris’ songs are never what they seem; either they’re based on intriguing storylines, and poetic meanings or have depth. “On Starry Nights” is his 2nd single released this year as part of his latest EP: “Some of the Time.” The single was inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” painting, which was Van Gogh’s illustration of the view before sunrise from his east-facing window in his asylum room. Anton builds a dream and a wonderful storyline with his music; “a Bossa Nova love story in a small village in Provence, France.” The music is very distinguishing with its strong horns, swinging rhythms, and gentle vocals, setting a romantic, dreamy mood. The song’s music video is the perfect illustration as it paints the storyline accurately, helping you set the right mood and ambiance to get into the artist’s mind.


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