On The Edge (choir Version) by ERIC COHEN


Eric Cohen released the choir version of his single “On The Edge”…a huge-sounding spiritual experience of a song that fuses gospel, choir, and hip-hop together in a tightly wrapped song form.

Eric is based in Kansas City, a city with a strong history with music in general…an icon in the world of music for sure.

“On The Edge” talks about a very difficult and heavy topic…a topic that might not be very welcome in any household, or media even.

Disclaimer, just make sure you’re ready to embark on a pretty dark journey, with a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

“On The Edge” discusses suicide and being on the edge of life…but also, it’s also about reaching out to the savior, the only one who can help us in such a dark time.

Eric’s religious background is surely one of the foundations for creating this lyrical and musical experience.

“On The Edge”, the choir version has some authentic hip-hop beats, electric guitar licks, a huge-sounding choir…and Eric’s vocal flow that is extremely storytelling and super smooth.

Even though the topic is pretty heavy, it’s something that happens in the world…and Eric wants to address and guide people who might have found themselves on this edge…Eric’s message might actually save a life.

Coming from a tough life experience that Eric was in…now he wants to help anyone who faces the same darkness as he once faced and give them hope.

The world needs more of what Eric is doing, an artist who leverages his talents to extend a helping hand to the people of the world.

Thank you, Eric, we wish you all the best and we can’t wait for more lyrical and musical experiences from you.



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