Waterfalls by NADINE RANDLE


Nadine Randle just released her latest single “Waterfalls”…a huge-sounding pop opus magnum that instantly catches the hearts and souls of audiences.

Nadine’s vocal performance here is epic, to say the least.

The Swedish artist amassed more than 50K listens in 5 only 5 days!

“Waterfalls” shows what a huge range Nadine can actually soar through…in short, if you mix Adele, Katy Perry, and Olivia Rodrigo, you’ll get Nadine Randle.

Nadine’s “Waterfalls” is an upbeat, energetic, and emotionally evocative piece of lyrical and musical mastery…while the song starts out on the slow side, it has very energetic and huge-sounding choruses.

The musical direction of having two distinct energies to the song is quite brilliant…we have the energetic chorus and the subtle verses…and sometimes they interchange this energy.

Melody is always king…and Nadine’s vocal melodies are queen here.

Nadine went on a promotional tour during 2020-2021 in the US and US Arab Emirates there she supported acts such as French Montana, Lauryn Hill, Lionel Richie, and One Republic.

The success and worldwide acclaim that Nadine already has didn’t make her flinch in raising the bar for everyone, including herself…she always challenges herself and believes that nothing is impossible…she’s proof of that.

I wish all the best to Nadine, she deserves the best.

Can’t wait for more from Nadine…and I hope to see Nadine more on stage too.





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