PakMan by Ranski Gleechie

Ranski Gleechie

Ranski Gleechie is not your typical artist, he came up with his musical creations in the past years while serving a 5-year Federal Sentence. The hip-hop and rap music artist is now releasing his music all the way from Toronto while making a strong comeback with his latest release “PakMan.” A track with dope beats, a melodic approach, and a vibe like no other. The artist’s voice is significant; a monotonic tone with a deep voice that sets the mood for the entire song. 

Ranski showcased his songwriting abilities in this song where he chose to rap about a pot dealer called “PakMan” who is known in the neighborhood, while the police are after him. It has a rhythmic tune to the lyrics that synchronizes with the beats perfectly.

 Ranski has the first release since being a free man called “Proud Of It,” and “BandCamp2” where he tells his story out through it. Each piece he makes has a backstory with which he connects his fans. There are also, his old releases from 2016 “BandCamp,” “Push 2 Start,” “Ballin’ No Gym,” and “They Watchin.”